school dance workshops


There are no hidden charges, the price quoted is the price you pay. Copies of music used and dance notes can be requested at no extra cost. We deliver workshops throughout Essex and its neighbouring counties.

school dance workshops

Project Dance Promotions

  • 10% off 1st booking
  • 10% discount on entire booking fee when workshops are delivered on consecutive days
  • 10% discount for subsequent bookings within the same academic year
  • Recommend me to another school and both schools will receive 10% off their next booking

Please note promotions are applicable to full day Dance & Musical Theatre Workshops and only one promotion per booking may be used

For a current price list, please get in touch.

dance workshops for schools

Workshop Timetable Example – Through The Decades

  • 09.00 Reception: 1930’s
  • 09.30 Year 1: 1960’s
  • 10.00 break
  • 10.15 Year 4: 1940’s
  • 11.00 Year 5: 1970’s
  • 11.45 lunch
  • 13.00 Year 2: 2000’s
  • 13.30 Year 3: 1990’s
  • 14.00 Year 6: 1950’s
  • 14.45 School Performance: 1930-2000’s
  • 15.00 finish

The timetable above shows year groups’ Reception-3 having 30 minute classes and years 4-6 having 45 minute classes. Where possible, working through ‘morning break’ allows each year group to have a longer class.

The School Performance is optional but is a great way to end the day by allowing the children to perform their routines to an audience and see what the other classes have learnt.

If you have any questions about the services Project Dance offers or would like to make a booking, please get in touch.