school dance workshops


Health & Wellbeing – A Change For Life

Dance has a significant part to play in the health and wellbeing of children, combining physical activity, social interaction, creativity and expression.

school dance workshops

Surveys have shown dance is second only to football as the most popular activity among children and young people.

Listed below are just some of the many reasons children can benefit from taking part in dance classes, which in turn will encourage them to make a change for life:

  • Reduces obesity
  • Improves strength, stamina & coordination
  • Enhances creativity & imagination
  • Builds self esteem & confidence
  • Stimulates emotions & lowers stress levels
  • Develops social skills & cultural awareness
  • Encourages team work in a non-competitive environment

Most importantly, dance is a fun source of exercise and all inclusive.

If you have any questions about the services Project Dance offers or would like to make a booking, please get in touch.

dance workshops for schools

What our clients say:

Project Dance
"Rachel and Project Dance worked with some of our Y4/5/6 pupils for 3 hours to prepare them for the Schools Gotta Dance festival at the Civic Theatre. The results were astonishing. What the group achieved in a short time was remarkable. The choreography was superb. The children were motivated, engaged and inspired. Their performance on the night was fabulous and feedback from the children and the parents has been very positive. The enjoyment the children experience from dancing is very special."